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PowerON Services, Inc. - LogisticsSurveys

Ever wanted to know what your customers are thinking, but don’t have the mutant gene that allows you to read minds? We can help by designing and managing an electronic survey to simply ask them what they are thinking. Genius or what?

Like most things we end up developing for our customers, we looked at all the not so turn-key nor inexpensive survey services available and decided we could do it better. Of course, I initially wanted the team to develop the cool gene therapy technology needed to help our valued clients read customer minds, but our accountants objected based on some fiscal mumbo jumbo feasibility concerns. In the end we developed an incredibly powerful survey and reporting engine that can be completely customized to our clients every whim.

Highlighted Services:
  • Unlimited uses
  • Customized questions
  • Real-time visibility response graphs and charts
  • Complete track-ability
  • Customized reporting