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I think you would agree that Earth is a really cool place to hang out...and, let’s face it, we don’t have many other options - although I did hear that a privately funded space station is suppose to be in place by 2015...rambling again. Protecting the environment is everyone’s job, but as a manufacturer or reseller, your responsibility to be good to this third rock from the sun is critical. Being good to the environment, and increasing your revenue has never been easier, and hey, resistance is futile!

Reuse and recycling of used technology protects the environment, helps to conserve natural resources and provides others access to technology. PowerON is committed to both the environment and our communities by helping to reduce e-waste in our landfills across the country, conserving natural resources and providing access to less costly technology to those who need it. By trading-in or recycling aging, unwanted technology you become our valued partner in these efforts and of course, you make some money in the process. PowerON provides this simple solution to responsibly and safely recycle your used technology while your customers benefit from its remaining value.

Let’s make it so...(sorry, couldn’t resist one more Trekkie comment)